Achterland [2014]
In Belgium villages reach out to each other through approach roads and ribbon developments. The high density of the build space makes the country into a small mazed web. But deep in the provinces you can still sense a contrast between cities and country side. Small cities attract people from the surrounding country side. One of the elements that attracts people from the country side to the city of Tielt is the presence of schools, from the early 19th until the late 20th century the Sint-Jozefcollege was one of the attraction points for pupils from the surrounding country side. The college connected the lives of numerous families from the area. Their stories and memories entered the city without being registered. The old college building currently awaits redevelopment. Starting from a research in the school's archives, Lara Mennes wanted to show the impact of the college on the surrounding country side. Looking at the address lists of student from the last and first years of the college's existence she drew a web on the map of the area around Tielt. She visited these places making a portrait of the area around Tielt, from where people would send their sons to the college.

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