Achterland [2014]

De Rand van het Landschap [2012]

Dans l'ombre du coin perdu [2012]
In this transparent triptych Lara Mennes brings together different layers of time. She was inspired by both the location, the garden of the Museum Emile Van Doren in the shade of the new health district, as by the painting In the pinewood (1884) by François Hallkett. In the transparent images, which ensure the work absorbs its surroundings, we can see pinewoods. Almost a century ago Dr. Kneipp had a spa in these woods near Genk. This spa was well know for its healing powers in fighting tuberculosis. The form of the installation refers to the painting by Hallkett, but in contrary to this painting there are no people in Mennes' work. Instead a bench in front of the installation invites the viewer to participate in the artwork. The residents of the district become life like extras in the landscape that is offered in the garden of the Museum by Mennes.

Het lelijkste land ter wereld [2012]

Capturing The Sensible [2011]

Studie voor een open kapel [2010]

Cité - Volkswoningbouw & S.A. Charbonnages de Winterslag [2009]

Past Is Spoken Through All Things Present [2008]

Home(les)s [2007]

Dancing London [2007]

Faded [2007]

Phases [2006]