Achterland [2014]

De Rand van het Landschap [2012]

Dans l'ombre du coin perdu [2012]

Het lelijkste land ter wereld [2012]
Renaat Braems manifest 'the ugliest country in the world' was the starting point for this series. In this manifest the architect describes Belgiums urban development as the most messy and the most ugly in the world. Opposed to the chaos of Belgians urban development he proposes: the linear city. This city consists of different strips with each their own function: transport, industry, park with recreation and an urban zone. In Braems ideal world workers would not have to commute to work every morning, but they would simply walk or cycle through the park towards the factory closest to their home. With this in the back of her mind Mennes went to Deurne, the district of Antwerp where Renaat Braem lived. There she discovered that his description of Belgium in his manifest was actually the mirror image of his own environment. Deurne is in fact like a model in which all different building types used over the last 100 years in Belgium can be found. His ideas about the line city and the different strips that had to be present can be found in his home town: from free standing houses over garden cities to social housing, but also public parks, sports infrastructure and transport lines. In a series of 22 polaroids she shows a self composed line city - photographed in Braems home town, composed of all the elements the architect deemed necessary - presented in a poetical way. It is up to the viewer to conclude.

Capturing The Sensible [2011]

Studie voor een open kapel [2010]

Cité - Volkswoningbouw & S.A. Charbonnages de Winterslag [2009]

Past Is Spoken Through All Things Present [2008]

Home(les)s [2007]

Dancing London [2007]

Faded [2007]

Phases [2006]