Achterland [2014]

De Rand van het Landschap [2012]

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Capturing The Sensible [2011]

Studie voor een open kapel [2010]
In Maaseik, in the easternmost part of Belgium, one finds the Willibrordus chapel of Aldeneik - the oldest chapel in the region. In spite of its historical importance, the chapel is closed and left to deteriorate. After being refused entrance to the chapel, Lara Mennes decided to take photographs of the interior through the keyhole. Right outside the religious edifice, on the former graveyard surrounding the church, she built a minimalist model of the chapel, featuring the five interior shots printed on Plexiglas. Attached overhead and slanting towards the viewer, the panels in 'Studies for an Open Chapel' both reconstruct and empty out the transcendent experience of being surrounded by stained glass windows. The open installation and its proximity to the inaccessible chapel documents lay bare the social and devotional function religious buildings are assumed to embody. Dislocated from its safe, ornate interior space, ritual architecture comes close to a simple geometry of social and moral conventions, while Mennes' open chapel points towards other possibilities of communality.

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