Achterland [2014]

De Rand van het Landschap [2012]
At the centre of each village we can find a church tower, they almost dominate our skyline. Over the past decades they have lost some of their importance, they remain empty and with the recent events there is often a negative vibe surrounding these institutional buildings. But at the corners of our landscape we can find small religious elements, for example at the façades of houses or artificial grottos devoted to Mary. They are often maintained by local committees. They mostly originated from a people's devotion and are part of a traditions which finds itself on the border between christianity and superstition. Most of these chapels were build to pray for a better life and not, as often in Catholisism, for the afterlife. It is in these small buildings that we can find a different (positive?) story about religion. There is no preaching, there are no laws imposed. And at the same time they give hope people go there to pray for something or someone, for things they find important in their lives, a job, a good exam, healing or a healthy baby. With stereotypical or generic thanks on marble plates, often with hundreds together, they call for help in their own lives.

Dans l'ombre du coin perdu [2012]

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